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Acupuncture Treatment

Acupuncture uses hair-thin, flexible needles, inserted into specific points on the body to activate the body's own healing powers. Learn More >

Trigger Point Acupuncture

Trigger point acupuncture is our speciality. It is a unique and highly effective form of acupuncture developed in North America and used as a treatment for pain conditions. It is also referred to as "dry needling". Learn More >

Acupressure and Tuina

Acupressure and Tuina are forms of bodywork, where the practitioner applies pressure and hands-on techniques, to the acupuncture points or areas of treatment. We may use a brief application of acupressure and tuina after acupuncture treatment. Learn More >

Electro Acupuncture

Electro-acupuncture is the use of an FDA approved electrical device to provide a continuous, gentle stimulation to specific acupuncture needles. Learn More >

Scalp Acupuncture

Scalp acupuncture is done with acupuncture needles inserted under the skin of the head in specific locations to provide treatment of neurological conditions such as Bell's palsy, stroke, Parkinson's disease, and MS. 

Services - Acupuncture Pain Management in Rhinebeck, NY

Services - Acupuncture Pain Management in Rhinebeck, NY